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500 Facebook followers and alternate cover art.

My Facebook author page has passed 500 followers! Wow. This has already been such an incredible journey and I'd like to thank everyone coming along for the ride. We're just at the start, but I can't believe I already have such a large following. I know there is still a long way to go, and the journey will never truly end. Still, as an unknown author who has just had their debut, I wasn't expecting my audience to grow quite so quickly. I can't begin to explain how grateful I am to be taking the first steps to claw my way out of obscurity.

A huge thank you so much to all of my readers and those along for the memes. I love receiving all the messages where you're geeking out about Beyond Conviction and it truly makes my heart feel full to hear how much you enjoy my writing.

As a special treat and thank you for this milestone, I'd like to draw back the curtain a little and share some alternate cover art an author friend of mine made for me. This came after the release as he was playing around with AI generation and Photoshop and was never seriously in the running for final art. I love the possibilities this represents though, as in an alternate universe a cover very much like this could have been the official release.

Thank you again for such amazing feedback, reviews and engagement. Ellie and the gang are already well into their next adventure, so be sure to stay tuned for those of you eagerly awaiting more 😉

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