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Series by C.J. Watson


Adroa is a bleak, backwater world on the edge of known civilisation, with every day a struggle to survive for Ellie and her two siblings. Yet when a heavily armed Conviction soldier falls from the sky and into her lap, she must face dangers even greater than the ravenous Rike swarms that threaten to consume her and her entire colony. Something is stirring in the dark between galaxies as the greatest military power humanity has ever known empties its garrisons and leaves its worlds undefended. Can a simple melon farmer rebuild her shattered home in peace, or will Ellie and her family be dragged into a galactic conflict that could determine the future of the Conviction itself?

This is “An Exhausted Guide”, the series that summarises books, novels and other works just enough for you to hold a conversation. Perhaps you have an overbearing friend or relative who is insisting you read the new hotness without any thought to your time or energy. Perhaps you have social obligations like a book club, discussion group, or are just looking to be part of the conversation with your friends. Whatever the motivation, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want, nor have the capacity, to sink a dozen hours into a story you may personally hold no interest in. Well, you’ve come to the right place. I am C.J. Watson, professional author and, as of right now, the punching bag that’s tackled this task so that you don’t have to. Allow me to be your guide as we break down today's subject "Yellowface" by R.F. Kuang. I am here to arm you with the essential knowledge you need and not a drop more. I will be extracting the important story beats, summarising the chapters and otherwise breaking things down in a straightforward, digestible manner. Read on for a chapter-by-chapter breakdown. Or, if you are particularly pressed for time, skip to the end for a final, ultra-condensed summary. We’re all exhausted, dear reader. Time poor, low on energy and struggling, so allow me to give you a little of your life back, and let's get started.

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